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Cooking Mission

Cooking Mission: Cooking can be exciting, intimidating, or maybe even a little scary for some. Our mission is to make cooking empowering for students of all ages.  

Students will become familiar with diverse foods while they create and taste scrumptious recipes they made themselves! Building self confidence, creativity, and a life-long skill are important ingredients to all cooking programs. 

Students will learn kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, cooking and baking techniques and tips, presentation, table setting, manners, and so much more!

Current Cooking Courses Offered

  • Basic Cooking I: (Fall Semester)

  • Basic Cooking II: (Spring Semester)

  • Advanced Cooking: Recognizing that the confidence and skills involved in learning cooking will continue with students for the rest of their lives, in Advanced Cooking we have a blast as we base the curriculum on the techniques, recipes, and skills that the students choose to learn. We focus on meal planning, shopping, and recipe execution. Because this class is based on the foods the students want to learn to make, the class is brand new and exciting every semester and can be enjoyed again and again!

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Current Instructors

Shalyn Brown

Shalyn Brown