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Studio Policies

NOTE FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS:  Before you enroll in a class at the Leavitt Center you have the ability to test a class to see if you are interested in taking a particular course with us.  This can be done throughout the year.  Once enrolled in the course, we require that you commit to the remainder of the course, attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals and performances.  It is difficult for the instructors to work as a team, build on techniques, skills or concepts with an ever changing class.  We also establish budgets for each classes, so once enrolled you will also be expected to pay the full amount of tuition and fees associated with the entire course.

  1. RESPECT:  Teachers, students and property should be treated with the utmost respect at all times.  Please no talking in class, no running in halls, hanging on barres,  leaning against mirrors or chewing gum.  No food is allowed in the studios with the exception of water.  Please use proper stage etiquette when using the theatre.  Do not touch lighting, props, sound equipment etc… unless it is assigned specifically to you during a production.  Please use the restroom before or after class.
  2. CLASS MINIMUM:  Classes must have a minimum of 3 students. So, bring a friend along! In the event that the class does not reach the intended minimum, we do try to accommodate students and combine classes.
  3. SUPERVISION OF MINORS:  Please supervise your child outside of class. Children are not to be left outside without supervision or leave the building without an adult.  Parents with siblings should remain in the lobby during class time and are not allowed in the instruction space unless requested prior to the class.  The Leavitt Center is a teaching facility not a daycare and does not assume supervision or care of your child inside or outside of class.
  4. PARKING: Streets are maintained by public tax dollars and are considered the public right of way.  You may park on the streets but please be kind to neighbors and do not block driveways.
  5. VIEWING WINDOW:  The viewing window gives you an opportunity to watch class every so often and see the student’s progress. Please feel free to watch class through the window. If you notice students paying more attention to you than the instructor, please move away from the window. You might be a distraction to other students in the class, or possibly the teacher. Do not allow siblings to stand in lobby chairs while watching through the viewing window. Please make sure siblings are not distracting class.
  6. THE LOBBY: Families are always welcome in the lobby but please keep in mind that lobby space is limited. If you utilize the lobby, please throw trash away and watch your children. Please replace chairs if you move them.
  7. BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS:  Most classes start as a class ends. Please gather your child and be prepared to leave the building after class is over. Please be courteous to the class that comes after your class is over.
  8. COMMUNICATION:  The best way to communicate with teachers is by emailing us on the contact us page or calling the studio. Phone messages may not be returned the same day. Teachers cannot accept calls during class time.
  9. PICTURES:  We will take pictures and video of all classes that will be posted on our website, Facebook and other marketing material.
  10. PAYMENTS:  January of 2015 we require all payments to be done automatically on the first day of the month. Please print and fill out the Auto-payment form, fill it out completely and email, mail or directly bring the form into the office.   Payments must clear by the first Friday day of every month. If the payment is not cleared by the first Friday, students may not participate in classes at the Leavitt Center until the payment is brought current. A 20% late fee will automatically be added to accounts the midnight of the first Friday and will accrue monthly until the payments are brought current. NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you have a question about your charges, please email us on our Contact Us page. Also, $20 fee will be charged for all returned or insufficient payments.  Once you have signed up for a class you are responsible for all fees and tuition associated with the class.  We have a no-refund policy.
  11. PREPARATION FOR CLASS and PERFORMANCES:  Send your student(s) to the studio prepared for class. If you have questions about this, please contact the instructor ahead of time. Have the student(s) dressed in the proper clothing for class and have proper equipment with them.  For performances please have your child ready as instructed by the teacher.
  12. DRESS CODE AND GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR ALL CLASSES: In order to maintain a level of respect for all students, teacher and patrons: Please do no wear jeans or baggy clothing. Please choose clean, respectful and modest clothing for class. Example: no low cut or mid-drift shirts or questionable graphics. Skirts and shorts should be an appropriate length and please wear non-marking soled shoes.

ALL CLASSES:  Please wear non-marking shoes to the studio at all times.

BALLET CLASSES: Traditional ballet uniform is required. Women will have pink tights, black leotard with cap sleeve and black skirt, and pink ballet shoes.  Hair should be pulled back into a bun.  Boys attire includes black under armor or equivalent, well fitted black sweat or work out pants and black ballet shoes.

ALL DANCE, KARATE AND THEATER CLASSES: We require modest and fitted clothing that is easy to stretch and move in (NO JEANS or pants with buttons or zippers).  In order to preserve the floor please wear jazz, ballet, or indoor tennis shoes that will not mark or scuff the floor. No shoes are required for karate.