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Theatre Mission

To provide a variety of empowering performance opportunities and experiences where participants and audience members of all kinds can learn about their own humanity through Theatre Art.

Current Forms of Art Offered

  • Broadway or Bust Jr Ages 6-9

    Broadway or Bust Ages 10+

    Broadway or Bust Elite Ages 10+

    Broadway or Bust is a musical theatre class where every student gets the chance to be a star. Students who enroll in this class gain valuable experience as performers through ensemble, small group, and solo opportunities. They build teamwork skills, improve self expression, and build confidence while acting, singing, and dancing to stage and screen musical favorites.

  • Triple Threat: Acting, Singing, and Dancing ALL in ONE Comprehensive Class. Talent Scouts, LOOK OUT: These students will knock your socks off.

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Current Instructors

Mckenzie Ostergar

Mckenzie Ostergar

Linda Larsen